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  • 5 Megatrends That Will Reshape Global Supply Chains in the Next Decade

5 Megatrends That Will Reshape Global Supply Chains in the Next Decade

28 October 2021

Global supply chains will never be the same again. A convergence of demographic and economic trends are radically reshaping the flow of goods and services around the world.  

Businesses can’t afford to sit idly as the world changes around them. Regulations are rapidly changing, customer expectations are evolving, and supply chains are growing more interconnected every day. As a result, large-scale disruption events are seldom isolated to a single industry or geography. Even a minor, localised disruption can have far-reaching ripple effects throughout global supply chains. A blocked transportation channel, natural disaster or shortage of a critical product can lead to delays, shortages and higher prices for stakeholders across the supply chain.  

Company leaders need to understand how these trends will impact their business and take action to mitigate the impact and capture new emerging opportunities.  

To help businesses navigate this new world, BDO has released a whitepaper that analyses five megatrends that will transform global supply chains over the next decade: 

  1. Accelerating connectivity, innovation & uncertainty:  
  2. Shifting regulatory environment:  
  3. Increasing supply chain transparency & due diligence  
  4. Evolving customer expectations:  
  5. Rising importance of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) issues 

Download the whitepaper to learn what businesses need to know about these trends.