• Business Recovery & Insolvency

Business Recovery & Insolvency

Businesses can find themselves in trouble out of no fault of their own. Other times it may be the result of one business unit taking the entire organisation to the edge. Whatever the cause, the prospect of ceasing to trade or advertising a business for sale is daunting for anyone, especially when you are operating in an already stressful environment.

As recovery and insolvency specialists, our goal is to rescue the situation and avoid formal proceedings. We believe it’s better to turn a situation around because financial reconstruction minimises loss - both financial and emotional. Business continuity is our ultimate goal.

At BDO, we work with businesses to proactively manage your position and protect your interests. Our experts have the technical knowledge to turn a business around and the industry knowledge to ensure longer term success across a wide range of sectors.

We also provide support to creditors, helping you assess the ongoing viability of a business, identify methods to maximise return, conduct client communications and undertake formal proceedings.

With BDO’s unparalleled national and international coverage as well as access to industry expertise, the team is ideally positioned to provide efficient and effective advice wherever the location and whatever the industry.