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Keeping IT risks in check

In a society that expects services to be online and available 24/7, reliable IT services are paramount. Regardless of technological advances, organisations are expected to do an increasingly better job of managing steadily rising IT risks, quality and complexities. Our IT Risk Assurance experts can help you identify and mitigate a variety of IT risks, such as those associated with availability, integrity, confidentiality. 

We provide the following services:

  • IT Project Assurance: IT projects offer major opportunities for your organisation, but they also involve great risk. New IT solutions, supply chain integration and process automation tend to have a deep impact on your organisation. This impacts both the complexity of IT systems and the increasing need for IT risk management (e.g. security, privacy and costs) for in-depth professional knowledge to manage, oversee and review IT projects and programs.
  • IT Assessment: you want to maintain, or – better yet – improve, the quality of your IT infrastructure, whether or not this is dictated by external regulators. This requires you to review the design and structure of your IT systems on a regular basis. An IT assessment gives you a clear idea of the quality, potential and key focus areas of your IT infrastructure, leaving you with a good understanding of the balance between your IT systems, infrastructure, people, processes and costs.
  • Data Management: data is worth more than oil these days. Data management helps your organisation generate reliable data on which to base your operations and decision-making. Data management also provides information about processes and customer behaviours, and potentially creates opportunities for new markets and business models. Effective data management is critical to creating value based on your data, preventing process disruptions (first time right), providing appropriate management information and managing data risks.
  • IT Controls and Governance, Risk & Compliance: effective implementation of IT Controls and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) offers organisations the tools to align their operations and the associated IT and other risks to their strategic objectives. GRC is a means to an end. It is designed to streamline processes by efficiently exchanging information, reducing overlaps and mitigating risks, and by creating transparency and a clear reporting structure. 
  • IT Governance & Management: IT Governance is aimed at achieving the IT strategy and anchoring the organisational and process-based aspects of that strategy. IT Governance connects the IT strategy with the business strategy, so that organisations can leverage their IT systems to reach their business targets, for example to gain a competitive edge or to develop digital business models or business processes.
  • IT Cloud Risk Management: cloud solutions can open up opportunities for your organisation you never thought possible. They offer scalability and flexibility at an affordable price. Depending on the service your organisation chooses to migrate to the cloud, you can outsource most of its management. Examples of cloud services are platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service. If you outsource the management of cloud services, you need to know which IT and security processes your organisation is expected to have in place, implement and self-monitor. Please remember that cloud solutions are not without risk.
  • Information Security: it is crucial to your business operations that personal data, information and IT systems are properly secured. Third parties may try to exploit vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure to gain access, which may cause the continuity of your business to be disrupted, or lead to unauthorised changes, loss of data and harm to your reputation. It is imperative that you take appropriate security measures (‘protect, detect, respond and recover’) in areas ranging from governance and processes to people and technology. Only if you have these measures in place can you respond adequately to a cyberattack or incident and prevent other unwelcome situations, such having to choose whether or not to pay a ransom to hackers or having to remedy a data breach.
  • Privacy: privacy and the protection of personal data are more relevant than ever. As an organisation, you process a lot of personal data, including sensitive data. Besides the formal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Regulation dictates that organisations demonstrate their compliance (accountability). Understanding your privacy risks is key to anchoring privacy governance, processes and controls in your organisation. In addition, we are seeing a trend in clients demanding privacy accountability, access to internal privacy processes and privacy risk management.


Our IT Risk Assurance specialists can offer you organisational and technical support in all the areas listed above. Their goal is to give you a better understanding of your IT risks, a grasp of your IT infrastructure and assurance. They would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the impact of relevant technological advances and the related IT risks for your internal control structure. We can help you manage your digital challenges by creating opportunities and providing assurance.

Please feel free to contact one of our specialists for more information or an informal chat with no strings attached.